A new format of the Russian football championship was invented due to UEFA sanctions Russian news EN

The head of the RFU Dyukov said that a new format of the Russian championship was invented due to UEFA sanctions

The president Russian Football Union (RFS) Alexander Dyukov said that the championship of Russia can switch to a new format due to sanctions Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). His words lead TASS.

Dyukov drew attention to the fact that next season Russian clubs and the national team were suspended from participation in international tournaments. “We have additional windows coming up, so we will look at different scenarios that will allow our teams to play more games,” he said.

The head of the RFU said that a working group was created, which included representatives of the clubs and the league, and prepared several scenarios for the competition next season, one of which is the Cup of the Russian Premier League. The issue will be considered at a meeting of the executive committee of the RFU, which will be held on May 24.

2 May UEFA He has made a decision on the participation of Russian teams in tournaments in the 2022/2023 season. Russian football clubs were suspended from European competitions, and the national team was expelled from the League of Nations. UEFA also rejected Russia’s bid to host the 2028 and 2032 European Football Championships. Russia went to court to challenge sanctions.

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