A Petersburger killed his two-year-old daughter, and her mother forgave her. Now he strangled his wife as well – Incidents – Saint-Petersburg News

On suspicion of the murder of his daughter and wife, a young man was detained in St. Petersburg.

He admitted that he did not kill two at once. He threw his two-year-old child on the floor more than a year ago, but he strangled his wife three months ago. Fontanka found out where the bodies were found, but the details are even worse than you think.

The criminal investigation department of the Krasnoselsky district came to 27-year-old Maxim Yakubov on June 23. By evening, the suspect was already showing the place in the forest park near Marshal Zakharov Avenue, where he dug his 22-year-old wife. According to Fontanka, the girl’s body was found, but in this place the story has just begun to unfold.

According to Fontanka, today the Investigative Committee is sure, especially since Yakubov himself testifies that it all started in 2021. Then he lived with his wife and daughter, born in 2019, in a rented apartment on Kuznetsova Avenue. There was another quarrel between the spouses, during which the husband grabbed his daughter and threw her head on the floor. The child died, but dad and mom reconciled and managed to hide the death of their daughter even from relatives and friends.

They threw out the body of the child in the South Seaside Park. He was discovered back in 2021, but they could not identify him, because, as it now turned out, the woman gave birth to a child in Moscow.

As for the second murder, according to investigators, it happened in February of this year. Now Yakubov suspected his wife of treason and strangled her. He took her body to about the same place where his daughter had been for a couple of years.

If you want to know more about this nightmare, up to quotes from the confession of the detainee, and also look at him, 47news gives you this opportunity.

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