A village in the Belgorod region was shelled from the territory of Ukraine

Shelling from Ukrainian territory

Consequences of shelling in the Belgorod region. Archive photo

©Vyacheslav Gladkov

This was announced on Sunday, May 15, by the governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov. The village of Sereda, Shebekinsky district (urban district), located near the border with Ukraine, was subjected to shelling.

As the head of the region specified, there are victims. Gladkov wrote about this in Telegram channel. “One civilian was injured, received a shrapnel wound,” he pointed out, “He will be provided with all the necessary medical assistance.”

The governor of the Belgorod region promised to give details about the incident later.

The village of Sereda is located in the southwest of the Shebekinsky district. It is located 26 km southwest of the administrative center of the Shebekino district and 40 km south of Belgorod on the banks of the Murom River. As of 2010, about 300 people lived in the village.

In recent weeks, the settlements of the Belgorod region have been repeatedly shelled by Ukraine. On May 14, local authorities reported that work was underway in the region to restore the affected households. The government of the region clarified that in total in the Belgorod region there are 280 houses with varying degrees of damage. In addition, as a result of shelling, 85 vehicles were damaged: agricultural machinery, cars and trucks.

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