Advisor to the President of Lithuania does not see a threat to the country in trade relations with Russia

Flag on the building of the government of Lithuania

Russia will not be able to influence the political life of Lithuania through the economy. This was announced on Wednesday, August 3, by National Security Adviser to the President of Lithuania Kestutis Budrys. According to him, he does not see a threat to the country in trade relations with Russia and does not consider this a big risk factor. Lithuania has sufficient resources to confront Russia if necessary, presidential adviser says TV channel LRT.

Earlier Wednesday, the Lithuanian Minister of Communications and Transport said that difficulties in paying for the transportation of Russian goods could lead to a halt in transit by rail to the Kaliningrad region. On July 28, Siauliai Bank announced that they were ending cooperation with Russia and Belarus. In this regard, Moscow sent a note to Vilnius, as operations on Kaliningrad transit are carried out through Siauliai Bank.

Profil also wrote that the Lithuanian Parliament is discussing a draft law on the introduction of a mandatory requirement for local businesses regarding cooperation with Russia. They want to be forced refuse all contacts with the Russian side. According to a member of the committee on national security and defense, companies must cut all ties with Russian partners if the parliament recognizes the state as terrorist or supporting terrorism. Meanwhile, the parliamentary opposition does not support this initiative, considering state regulation of private business inappropriate.

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