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The hopes of seeing a Mexican succeed in Los Cabos were pinned on Rodrigo Pachecohowever it was Alex Hernandez who appeared on the scene and stole the spotlight, because after an exceptional match against Nicolás Barrientos, he got his first victory on the circuit and now he will face Felix Auger-Aliassime in the next phase.

In this regard, the man born in Acapulco was evidently glad and stressed that given the bad streak he was carrying, it is incredible that it has ended in Mexico.

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“I did not come from a very good streak, I have struggled and it has been a long race. Tomorrow is another day, can i win or loseyou never know, but every day I get up to give my best, that’s all, “he said at a press conference.

The stadium Cabo Sports Complex He gave himself completely to the Mexican, the shouts were fundamental and he recognizes it; although it is something new for him, he knows that they were fundamental in his triumph.

“The public helped me, I lost the first set but I kept fightingI heard things that at first I didn’t realize because I wasn’t used to playing in these big events, but the public pushed me”; he assured.

This Wednesday Alex Hernández will face Felix Auger-Aliassimean extremely complicated rival, but also of the level of player that the Mexican always wanted to face.

“It’s something amazing I dreamed of playing against the best players and tomorrow I am going to do it”, he closed.

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