Alternative to store-bought fertilizers: 5 natural options

There is no need to use non-natural top dressings in the garden, especially if you are striving for a waste-free economy and want to get a completely environmentally friendly product. Experts have selected five alternatives to purchased mineral products that will come in handy this season.

wood ash

Ash contains such a number of various microelements that, in fact, it refers to natural mineral fertilizers. Ash can be made more useful for plants by storing the resulting ashes from burned hardwood trees in a dry place, and preferably in thick paper bags.

onion peel

Vitamins and minerals, which are found in large quantities in onions, will help keep plants from rot, fungus and mold, writes Design Homes portal. They strengthen their immunity and promote growth. It is important to remember that onion peel cannot fertilize poor soil, so it is usually used as an additive to other fertilizers. Especially such top dressing “will appeal to” strawberries, raspberries and currants.

Bread yeast

Almost all crops (except potatoes, onions and garlic) respond well to this product. The active substance (yeast) promotes the growth of seedlings and saturates the soil with microelements, especially during the fruiting period.


The shell of raw eggs is especially useful if it is well washed and dried. But boiled eggs will also be useful. With their help, it will be possible to compensate for calcium deficiency, which is especially noticeable in young seedlings. In this case, brown spots appear on the trunk and leaves, the root system weakens, the shoot twists.

banana peel

This natural source of calcium, phosphorus and potassium is great for cruciferous plants. You can collect banana peels all year round – freeze the cut peel in plastic bags, just defrost them in the summer, all useful properties are preserved in this case.

As Profile wrote earlier, there are a lot of tools for summer residents that actually work. For example, make fertilizers and fertilizers for plants can be from improvised ingredients.

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