“American Empire” predicted the fall due to military support for Ukraine Russian news EN

TAC: military assistance to Ukraine will cause the decline and fall of the US “empire”

Washington’s intervention in the crisis in Ukraine and the Russian special operation will lead to the decline of all but the American military-industrial complex, and will cause the fall of the US “empire”. Such an opinion expressed The American Conservative (TAC) columnist Rod Dreher.

He reacted sharply to the words of 82-year-old Democrat and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who said that Washington “is at war” with Moscow.

“It’s already annoying. “We are at war with Russia”, come on! Do you want to fight Russia, which has nuclear weapons? Do you want to risk nuclear annihilation over Ukraine?” Dreher wrote.

He stressed that while the people of the United States are having difficulty buying groceries due to inflation, local authorities are allocating $40 billion to Ukraine.

“You will see: in decades to come, when historians will write about the decline and fall of the American empire, this story will occupy an important place,” the author of the material summed up.

Earlier it became known that the Republican Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul blocked OK the upper house of the US Congress draft law on the allocation of military, economic and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine for a record amount.

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