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Power without abuse loses its charm.

Paul Valery

President López Obrador has historically built his power by building groups and individuals who must have two attitudes: submission and blind loyalty. That is to say, without divergent opinions and if they are presented they are cause for suspicion and expulsion from the workshop circle. Let’s look at his political route to power.

1. AMLO was and is an addict to power. His passage through the PRI confirms it. He always under the protection of local and national ideologues. His struggles had as a compass the obtaining of spaces of power. Sure, he dressed stoic and self-sacrificing. Good clothing to captivate the unwary thirsty for symbolic figures.

2. The Tabascan broke with the tricolor party for pragmatic reasons and not for political differences. The non-priista nomination for the governorship by Tabasco was the turning point to reach the PRD and be the state candidate. His subsequent defeat radicalized him, although his discourse continued to be ambiguous, colored by elemental nationalism.

3. It was Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas who catapulted him to the national level. At a PRD congress he prematurely announced him as his successor. He went from being a local leader to a member of the national leadership. He thus began to play in other leagues, under the protective mantle of Cárdenas. However, his participation in the discussions of the National Council was scarce, if not non-existent.

4. In this framework, AMLO was subsequently anointed as national president of the PRD, from where he maintained his gimmicky acts, but without a democratic leftist profile. There he built his image of “pure” and with that speech he displaced the original bureaucracy of the PRD and built a court of abjects.

5. In this way, he promoted his candidacy as Head of Government, which was about to derail and even be defeated. Already in the city government he maintained a sectarian policy with the left and at the same time an open alliance with Slim.

6. His authoritarian vocation led him to break with the PRD and practically dismantle it. He needed a party to serve him. The formation of Morena satisfied this ambition. The organism was neither a party nor a movement. It turned out to be a simple employment agency, as has been repeatedly shown.

7. The caudillo does not question the recent violence between members of the “party”, he underestimates it. Morena is a state of mind, it is the expression of fanaticism, of frustrated hope. The important thing is that he continues to decide everything, even the candidates for deputies, senators, governors and, of course, the presidential candidate. The Frankenstein works, for the moment, in his service.

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