An unknown person stole a card from an 83-year-old pensioner and went to McDonald’s Russian news EN

Liverpool Echo: Unidentified person spent £800 from dementia pensioner’s card

AT LiverpoolUnited Kingdom, an unknown person stole a bank card from a retired woman in a nursing home and went to “McDonald’s”. About it informs Liverpool Echo.

The son of an 83-year-old woman noticed strange transactions on her bank card. The man became alert and went to the bank and then to the police to find out who was spending his mother’s money. During the investigation, it became known that the employees of the nursing home were not involved in the theft of the card, and then the geography of the search for suspects expanded.

“This is a heartless and heinous crime against a vulnerable woman suffering from dementia. The thief brazenly used the stolen bank card more than 30 times, he spent more than 800 pounds (52 thousand rubles),” said police inspector Edward Barr.

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Since the criminal was paying with a stolen card at one of the local McDonald’s, the police decided to check the security cameras of fast food restaurants and found a young man who may be involved in the theft. His search continues.

Barr announced his intention to find the culprit at all costs.

Previously reportedthat in China, a teenage girl stole 120,000 yuan, set aside for the operation of her sick mother, and spent it on shopping and online games. The girl was interrogated, received checks from her for all purchases and contacted the online platform through which the young Chinese woman lowered the stolen goods.

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