Animal statues in St. Petersburg on Vasilevsky Island are being removed June 24, 2022 – City – News of St. Petersburg

The authorities of St. Petersburg announced the start of an operation to clean the lawn under the windows of a residential building on Vasilyevsky Island from statues of lions, dogs and cats. The argument about joy for local children lost to the bureaucracy. For officials, it does not matter what to free urban land from: from illegal trade, landfills or small architectural forms.

Officials demand to clean the lawn near the elite residential building No. 15b on the 26th line of V.O., located opposite the Kirov Palace of Culture. For five years now, the so-called small architectural forms have been standing on green patches of land: statues of dogs and cats. The place quickly and predictably gained popularity among young citizens. This can be seen at least in the erased noses of animals. And three months ago, a pair of lions settled in the neighborhood, quite in the spirit of St. Petersburg.


Livestock on the lawn was brought by a local resident Vasily Ivanovich Denisyuk, creator of the notorious bath, in which Alexei Balabanov filmed his last “I also want to.” The interlocutor has not yet disclosed his thoughts on how he plans to act in response to the administration’s ultimatum. Denisyuk told Fontanka that the manager of the house brought him a notice demanding dismantling. She also shed light on the circumstances: there were people who did not like the statues so much that they spent their time and energy writing a complaint to officials. As Vasily Ivanovich admitted, he is sorry not for the hundreds of thousands of rubles spent on statues, but for the children who will be left with an empty lawn.

A white sheet signed by the head of the department of improvement, road facilities and ecology of the Vasileostrovsky district Nikolai Mironyuk informed that 20 days were allotted for the release of the site from the “beautification element” (the reference date was not specified, but the document was signed on June 20). After that, officials will dismantle the dogs and lions on their own, and then they will bill for these works. True, first they will have to establish from whom exactly to demand money.

There are no references to specific laws or regulations in the notification, the author sparingly indicated that “the identified improvement object is located on a land plot without the grounds provided for by regulatory enactments <...>.” One can only guess from what considerations the authorities proceed: unauthorized occupation of state land or the lack of approval from the city planning committee for the placement of statues.

One thing is known for sure: the lawn on which all animals graze is urban land, namely the territory of public green spaces, an unnamed boulevard.

St. Petersburg landscaping regulations make no exceptions for anyone, be it graffiti that has become part of the informal culture of the city, or flower gardens that residents plant under their windows. utilities a few years ago demolished this homemade landscaping at house number 33 on Krylenko street. A very recent example is painted over mural with Daniil Kharmsfor whom the townspeople and even the director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky stood up.

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