Antonov said that the United States would like to ban the use of “Poseidons” and “Sarmatians”

Anatoly Antonov

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov

©United States Mission Geneva /

The United States does not like the Russian Poseidon drone carrier and the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. That is why the US authorities would like to ban their use under future arms control agreements, reports RIA Novosti.

Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov shared his opinion on this matter in an interview for the Solovyov Live YouTube channel. He also stated that the Russian side is broadcasting the following message to the United States with full confidence: there will be no capitulation of Moscow in Ukraine. However, Washington is drawn deeper into the conflict, which could threaten with unpredictable consequences.

As for the dialogue between Russia and the United States, the American authorities completely froze it, stopping face-to-face contacts. “Communication takes place exclusively by phone or e-mail, and even then on technical issues,” the Russian ambassador in Washington stated.

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