Application for pumping gas from Russia through Ukraine fell again

Kyiv announced the reduction of gas transit through Ukraine

On Sunday, May 15, the nomination for pumping gas from Russia through the Ukrainian gas transmission system amounted to 62.7 million cubic meters. This is evidenced by the data of the “GTS Operator of Ukraine”.

The application was 3.4% less than on Saturday, transmits “Prime”. For the transit of Russian gas to Europe, there is still only one entrance – the Sudzha gas measuring station. The application for pumping through the Sokhranovka gas measuring station remains at zero. The Ukrainian side stopped accepting gas for transit through Sokhranivka on May 11, explaining that the facility is under the control of Russian forces (on the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic).

May 14, an application for the pumping of Russian gas through the gas transportation system of Ukraine increased compared to the previous day to 64.5 million cubic meters. The growth amounted to 5.7%, according to the data of the GTS Operator of Ukraine.

According to the transit agreement between Gazprom and Ukraine, the guaranteed daily volume of gas pumping (on both sides) in 2022 is 109.6 million cubic meters, 77 million of which are at Sudzha, 32.6 million at Sokhranivka. The Russian company can also supply a smaller amount of gas, but is obliged to fully pay for the guaranteed volume in accordance with the “pump or pay” principle laid down in the contract.

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