Application for pumping Russian gas through Ukraine decreased by 9%

gas pipes

According to the GTS Operator of Ukraine, as of May 31, the application for gas transit through the Ukrainian gas measuring station (GIS) Sudzha is 42.1 million cubic meters. The indicator for the day decreased by 9%. The application for pumping through the GIS “Sohranivka” on Tuesday remains at zero.

The supply of gas through the Nord Stream pipeline remains stably high – at the moment, the main route for the export of “blue fuel” from Russia to Europe. The volume is kept at the level of about 170 million cubic meters per day.

Since May 11, Ukraine has stopped receiving transit gas through Sokhranivka, citing the fact that the station is under the control of Russian forces. As a result, pumping through Ukraine dropped sharply from about 90 million to 42 million cubic meters.

On Monday, May 30, nominations for the transit of Russian gas through the Sudzha station amounted to 44.58 million cubic meters. Gazprom’s applications for pumping through Sokhranivka were also rejected by the Ukrainian side.

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