Authorities must determine if Felipe Calderón had a relationship with criminals: AMLO

After Sandra Ávila, alias “The Queen of the Pacific” accused the former PAN president Felipe Calderon of collaborating with the Mexican drug cartels, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He said that it should be the competent authority who investigates and determines these accusations.

When a youtuber asked the president at his morning press conference this Wednesday, in National PalaceRegarding these accusations against Calderón, the president replied that “the competent authority has to resolve it.”

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yesterday, tuesday, Sandra Avila Beltranknown as “the Queen of the Pacific”, said in an interview for a YouTube channel that the six-year term of former President Felipe Calderón was the “most bloodthirsty” and where more violations of the human rights there was.

Despite the fact that when Ávila was arrested in 2007, there was an arrest warrant from the government of USA against her for drug trafficking, Ávila accused this August 2 in an interview that Calderón used her as scapegoat and that he collaborated with drug traffickers to get rich.

“I was a scapegoat for Calderón, I was the first person he arrested in his six-year term, and I fabricated a crime to be able to feel like a good president or a good Mexican, when he collaborated directly with the Mexican cartels”, while he questioned: where did he receive much of his fortune What does he have now, what does he and his wife and family enjoy? Of drug trafficking, and who judges him?” Ávila accused.

The Sinaloan was the niece of the late drug trafficker Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo “The Boss of Bosses” and was accused of drug trafficking in the Women’s Prison of Santa Martha Acatitla, for 7 years, but he was found not guilty, although it was also indicated that he did help a person related to drug trafficking financially; finally, she was released in 2015.

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