Auto expert Serkov named the cost of the OSAGO policy after the increase in tariffs

car insurance policy

The average cost of a compulsory third party liability insurance policy (OSAGO) for individuals will increase from 5814 rubles. up to 7.3 thousand rubles. and more. Such a forecast on Friday, June 24, was given by the development director of the automotive portal “Drom” Anton Serkov.

The expert stated in an interview with Primethat insurance companies will seek to raise rates to the highest possible level. Serkov explained this, including problems with the supply of automotive spare parts and their significant rise in price.

Earlier it was reported that the Bank of Russia proposed to expand the corridor of the basic OSAGO tariff for most categories of car owners by 26% up and down. The regulator explained this by the need to more accurately take into account the insurance risks of car owners in the face of rising cost of spare parts.

Public discussion of the draft guidance on new OSAGO tariffs will last until June 28.

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