Avito began to trade places in the queue at the entrance to H&M stores

On the Avito ad service, they offer to get to the capital point of the H&M network without having to stand in line.

One of the relevant ads indicates that a place is being sold at the beginning of the line to the store in the Aviapark shopping center on Khodynsky Boulevard, the cost is 500 rubles.

The fact that H&M stores in Moscow earned in order to sell off stocks of goods before the chain left Russia became known the day before, on August 2. In particular, a network point was opened in the Metropolis shopping center. In addition, the H&M store in Aviapark has reopened. It was reported that goods accumulated for 50 weeks of work.

Immediately after this news, videos appeared on social networks with giant queues formed in shopping centers where the outlets started working. Two hours later, the lines at the entrance to the H&M stores reached 200 people.

On Wednesday, August 3, the H&M store also opened in St. Petersburg, in the Gallery shopping mall, Fontanka writes. The publication notes that the prices in the network remained the same as before the closure.

In July, the Swedish company announced the termination of its activities in Russia. The chain said it plans to sell its business in the Russian Federation, this information was confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. H&M’s assets to be sold include lease rights to approximately 170 stores in 65 cities, a 60,000-square-meter distribution center and 30 weeks of stock worth an estimated $210 million.

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