Bad Decisions That Delay Repairs: 5 Common Mistakes

Repair in an apartment or house is not an easy and sometimes quite long process. In some cases, it is delayed due to banal errors and shortcomings. Experts spoke about them.

No design project

In many cases, refurbishment begins to improve the quality of life, and not to embody the latest trends in the interior. Therefore, a design project is often not drawn up: it seems that it is enough just to choose suitable finishing materials and furniture in stores. However, even in the most budget price segment, there are many products, which will lead to a long choice.

How best to do it: a professional 3D plan and design project is not necessary. However, a minimal idea of ​​the stylistic direction, range of products and palette will save a lot of time.

Lack of agreements with the repair team

When hiring a team of builders, many by default expect that the work will be done efficiently and on time. Therefore, the contract is signed almost without looking. As a result, the repair is stretched out, but claims cannot be made, since the terms in the contract are either too vague or not indicated at all.

How best to do it: before signing a contract with specialists, you need to discuss all the terms of work and write them down in the document. You should also find out from the workers in which cases the repair may be delayed, and what happens if the deadline is missed due to the fault of the builders.

Lack of flexibility

Making repairs is not easy right now, as deliveries are delayed, and it is becoming more difficult to find some items in stores. The desire to use certain materials of a particular brand at all costs can significantly delay the completion of the repair.

How to do it better: the search for alternatives and flexibility in this matter does not mean that you have to sacrifice the quality and beauty of the final result. In addition, replacements may be even better than the original version. Therefore, it is important to look for alternative ways that will help to realize the idea, writes the magazine “Ideas for your home”.

Ignorance of processes

When planning repairs on your own, it is easy to overlook various details, which will eventually delay the repair.

How best to do: you need to try to study in advance each step of the repair. Construction and repair forums will help here, where users share their mistakes and experiences. You can also read information about delivery in stores where you plan to order materials and furniture.

Unaccounted for human factor

A common mistake is to assume that it will turn out every day and without passes to go straight from work to an apartment or house and make repairs there. In addition, when calculating the timing of their own repairs, many take as a basis the time intervals that professional workers write about. However, a person without experience is unlikely to cope in the same time.

How best to do it: you need to make realistic repair terms and take into account various force majeure, possible illnesses, and urgent matters. Each repair process should take 1.5-2 times more time than professional workers do.

Previously, experts spoke about other factors that may delay the repair. They listed eight main points.

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