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President Biden announces decision to cut US budget deficit by $1.5 trillion

President of the U.S.A Joe Biden announced that the US authorities decided to reduce the country’s budget deficit by a record 1.5 trillion dollars. The American leader announced this in his Twitter-account.

Biden noted that under his predecessor, Donald Trump, the deficit increased every year. “This year we [администрация президента] we are on track to reduce the deficit by $1.5 trillion, the largest reduction in a single year on record,” he said.

The American leader stressed that reducing the budget deficit is one of the main ways to ease inflationary pressure.

Formerly Biden couldn’t formulate a clear answer to a journalist’s question about those responsible for inflation in the country. The American leader was asked if he and the administration were responsible for the price increase. “We are in power, this is the first. And you are absolutely right: we control all three branches of government,” the politician replied.

The President of the United States has repeatedly pointed outthat the cause of inflation is a special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. While a number of Americans disagree with Biden, the general public continues to support sanctions on Russia and the provision of weapons to Ukraine.

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