Borrell says EU will help Ukraine empty granaries for new crop May 16, 2022 – Society – St. Petersburg News

The European Union will help Ukraine to take out grain from storages. This was stated on May 16 by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, but pointed out that in the ports through which grain was exported, “everything is mined.”

According to Borrell, Ukraine’s storage facilities are now full. “They need to be emptied to make room for a new crop. We are working to get this grain out,” he said at a press conference (quoted from TASS).

The fact that it is necessary to export grain from the territory of Ukraine and the issue is being worked out earlier also stated the head of the Canadian Foreign Ministry Melanie Joly. US President Joe Biden reported that 20 million tons of grain were blocked in Ukraine’s storage facilities, the head of the German Foreign Ministry called the figure of 25 million tons.

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