Breaking news of the day, June 23

Breaking news of the day
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EU leaders approve candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova

At the summit in Brussels, the heads of state and government of the European Union approved the provision of Ukraine and Moldova status of candidates for membership. This was announced by the head of the European Council Charles Michel. “The agreement has been reached. The European Council has just decided to grant EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova,” Michel said. The European Council will take further steps after both countries fulfill the conditions that were formulated by the European Commission.

UK imposes new sanctions against Russia

New UK sanctions against Russia include a ban on the supply or delivery of technology and goodsrelated to the maritime and oil refining industries, import and purchase of income-generating Russian goods. In addition, a ban is introduced on the export to Russia or on the use on Russian territory of pounds sterling or EU-denominated banknotes.

The government did not support the refinancing of preferential mortgages

The issue of refinancing preferential mortgages for new buildings has been considered by the Russian government more than once, but at this stage it has not found support. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexei Moiseev. He noted that the program is aimed primarily at stimulating demand for new apartments, as well as supporting developers, writes TASS.

The soloist of “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov died

Soviet and Russian singer, soloist of the musical group “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov died at age 48. The cause of death was a massive heart attack, said the director of the performer Arkady Kudryashov, this was also confirmed by two sources in medical circles. Yuri Shatunov died at night in an ambulance.

In 2022, about 900 thousand hectares of forest burned down in Russia

Since the beginning of the fire season in Russia, more than 6 thousand fires have occurred, and the total area covered by fire has exceeded 860 thousand hectares. This was reported in the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. Of these, 467.7 thousand (54%) – in the Far East and 306.9 thousand (35%) – in Siberia. At the same time, the ministry emphasized that not a single forest fire has spread to settlements, reports “Interfax”.

Nike will leave Russia completely

American sportswear manufacturer Nike announced plans withdraw completely from the Russian market, stores in Russia will no longer open. “Nike has decided to exit the Russian market. As a result, and the Nike mobile app will no longer be available in this region. Nike stores have recently closed temporarily and will not reopen,” the company’s official website says.

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