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Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant diseases in women. Despite the fact that with an early diagnosis, the chances of recovery are very high, a large number of women still die from this type of cancer. Thus, in 2020, according to WHO, 685,000 women worldwide died of breast cancer and more than 2 million new cases were diagnosed. Despite the fact that the disease is quite well studied, there are many rumors and myths around it, as well as methods of treatment and diagnosis. Which of them are true, which are not, we will discuss at the round table.

True or not?

Issues for discussion:

– Injuries to the breast, nipple piercings, and hard-wired bras lead to breast cancer.

– Breast cancer is a genetic problem, if relatives did not have, then they will not.

– If there is a genetic predisposition, then there will definitely be cancer. And if you remove the breast, like Angelina Jolie, then it will not

– IVF, oral contraceptives and abortions provoke the occurrence of breast cancer.

Mammography accelerates the development of breast cancer.

– If nothing hurts and no seal is groped, then it is not necessary to be examined.

– Silicone implants lead to breast cancer.

– Breastfeeding protects against breast cancer – the longer you breastfeed, the better.

“Breast cancer is an exclusively female disease.

– Breast cancer occurs only in the elderly.

– In the treatment of breast cancer, the breast must be removed.

During surgery, cancer cells can spread to other organs.

– Herbal preparations help in the treatment of breast cancer.

We invite you to dispel myths and highlight the real situation with the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer by oncologists, mammologists, gynecologists, functional diagnostics doctors, etc.

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