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The Telegraph: Britain faces food crisis due to break with Russia

The UK faces a food crisis due to the severing of ties with Russia and the situation in Ukraine. About it writes The Telegraph.

Experts interviewed by the newspaper say food prices will continue to rise throughout the year, with prices rising another 20 percent during the first months of 2023. The reason for this is called a global supply shortage.

Former British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss promisedthat London will continue to impose new sanctions against Russia until it withdraws its troops from Ukraine. She added that Britain would continue to supply Ukraine with weapons, as well as support the country’s attempts to “force Russia out of its territory.”

28 May British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky London’s assistance in resuming grain exports from Ukraine. The Prime Minister assured that Britain is intensively working on the problem of food supplies with international partners.

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