British stores were on the verge of closing due to sanctions against Russia Russian news EN

FT: British stores are on the verge of closing due to sanctions against Russia

British shops of traditional local food were on the verge of closing due to the difficulties associated with the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions and the situation in Ukraine. This is reported Financial Times (FT).

A significant proportion of the cod and haddock consumed in Britain is caught by Russian vessels, its price has increased due to poor catches and US duties on Russian products, the newspaper writes. In addition, the situation in Ukraine has affected the supply and cost of vegetable oil. So, since 2020, its price has risen by 150 percent.

During the lockdown imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus, British family businesses flourished thanks to the transition to takeaway food. At the same time, they are now faced with rising prices for energy, raw materials, a return after a pandemic of full taxation and competition from chain fast food restaurants.

In addition, the owners of fish bars are forced to reduce portions and raise prices for their dishes. So, one of the owners had to increase the price of haddock by 20 percent.

Formerly Chief Executive of Scottish Power (SP) Keith Anderson declaredthat in Britain they fear a possible crisis due to fuel prices and sanctions against Russia. It is estimated that about ten million Britons will not be able to heat their homes – many residents are already struggling to pay their electricity bill.

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