Brucellosis detected in cattle in Akmola region

KOKSHETAU. KAZINFORM In the village of Petrovka, Nikolaev rural district, Astrakhan district, Akmola region, restrictive measures have been introduced in connection with brucellosis in small cattle, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to Talgat Zhunusov, head of the veterinary department of the Akmola region, 23 sheep of one of the villagers showed a positive result for brucellosis and 29 – a doubtful one.

“According to PCR confirmation, the sample showed a positive result. According to this result, there was a presentation, and on the basis of it, the local akim decided to establish restrictive measures in the village,” Talgat Zhunusov said.

He clarified that the owner of the sheep is engaged in livestock breeding, and his total livestock totals 97 heads. 24% of them showed a positive result. At the same time, there are no external signs in animals.

“Now the republican anti-epizootic detachment, under the supervision of the veterinary inspection, will carry out recreational activities on site. Every 15 days they will take blood from animals and examine the entire livestock of the village,” added T. Zhunusov.

As the veterinarians specified, cattle, small cattle, pigs and horses suffer from brucellosis. All these animals are subject to research. In the village of Petrovka today there are 2304 cows, 1200 sheep, 625 pigs and 333 horses.

T. Zhunusov stressed that quarantine and restrictive measures are completely different things and should not be confused. During quarantine, posts are set up and movement is restricted. In the event that happened, purchases of milk are limited and cattle are not slaughtered for meat.

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