By the end of 2022, the professional standard “Trainer-teacher” will be introduced in Russia

Thus, coaches working in sports schools and centers will receive the status of pedagogical workers with all rights, obligations and social guarantees.

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The solution will be implemented in as part of the action plan for the implementation of changes in the federal laws “On Physical Culture and Sports” and “On Education”, which was approved by the Government.

Apart from development of a professional standard for trainers-teachers, the plan also provides for the creation state educational standard for the training of such specialists.

University graduates who have studied under the new programs will be awarded the qualification “Coach by sport. Teacher”. And for those who have previously received such a specialty, it is planned to organize retraining and advanced training.

A separate part of the plan is devoted to the financial provision of a new category of workers. By the fall of 2022, the issue of models and remuneration schemes for trainers should be worked out. When they are transferred to pedagogical work, the main parameters of stimulation will be preserved.

The plan also provides for licensing of sports schools and centers, as they will receive the status of educational organizations.

The main changes will come into effect on January 1, 2023. Thus, Russia will fully completed work on harmonization of sports training programs and additional general education programs in the field of physical culture and sports, which is carried out on behalf of the President.

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