Captured Ukrainian soldier spoke about the terrorist attack being prepared in Kherson Russian news EN

Staff Sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Timko said that he was ordered to commit a terrorist attack in a Kherson hotel

The captured staff sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), platoon commander A1978 of the 55th separate artillery brigade Oleksandr Timko said that he had received an order to commit a terrorist attack in a Kherson hotel. He spoke about this RIA News.

According to the staff sergeant, the order was given to him by lieutenant colonel Alexander Kolesov. In particular, he was instructed to “make noise and act of terrorism” at the Stagecoach Hotel, where, according to the commander, the Russian military lived. Timko noted that he decided to reconnoiter the situation before completing the assignment and found out that the hotel was inhabited mainly by Ukrainian citizens who had moved from other regions.

According to the captured military man, he reported this information to his superiors. “I called the lieutenant colonel, reported, said what kind of object and that the people he spoke about were not here. He said that the special forces knew better who lived where, that we had received a task and we had to fulfill it. I refused to comply,” he admitted.

Also, according to the Ukrainian military, his subordinates were instructed to work at the local service station in order to merge with the population. Timko noted that after the refusal, they began to threaten him with reprisals under the laws of war and accusations of betraying the motherland. The staff sergeant added that he had been hiding in Kherson with a group of subordinates and tried to establish contact with the command.

June 20 Ministry of Defense of Russia reportedthat the Armed Forces of Ukraine are carrying out a provocation in the Kharkiv region with shelling of residential areas Kharkov. The purpose of these actions is to accuse Russian units of allegedly indiscriminate strikes against civilians, as well as to create conditions for the eviction of residents from their homes and the creation of firing positions in them, they added.

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