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On the first weekend of August, St. Petersburg will “straighten its gills” and show who is here – the sea capital. Festival “Capital of water tourism. Petrovskaya Aquatoria” under the auspices of the Tourism Committee will impress citizens with bright shows and inspire them to get involved in water sports for two days. We tell you which parts of the program should not be missed in any case, and how to get there.

Fontanka SUP

First and most importantly (you read Fontanka!): On August 6, our favorite carnival Fontanka SUP (0+), organized by Fontanka. This means that, like every year (for the past seven years), thousands of joyful people in bright costumes will jump on their decorated boards on a cool morning near the Champ de Mars. A little dance on the water. And then – they will chase along the Fontanka and the Griboyedov Canal, flaunt witty images, drop and lift each other out of the water, retire along the coast, transport pets of all sizes and colors – and dance again!

This year the festival has already broken all records in terms of the number of registered participants (over 5,000! Registration closes on August 3) and for the first time the audience will be able to see a real wedding on Sapah.

If you are one of those who sail, you already know: launching is after 9 am. And if you just want to see and take pictures, then at 10 a.m. there will be a grand opening of the festival with a dance flash mob, and at 10.20 a.m. the boards with riders will rush under the 1st Inzhenerny bridge and past Chizhik-Pyzhik in order to return to the starting town before 1 p.m. .

If you want to add female beauty to your day, at 14.00 on the stage there will be a performance and defile of Miss SUP contestants. And at 14.30 – awarding the winners of costume contests.

However, the participants in the mass swim on Sapah will not be the first on the morning of July 6: even before them, at 9.00, the participants will start speed race Fontanka CUP — for those who are not satisfied with just rowing for their own pleasure, but need to be the first! These sports guys will walk 7500 meters on water and cross 25 bridges to receive prizes from partners of the cup and cash gifts. The best in the category “pro” will receive 20 thousand rubles, in the category “amateurs” – 10 thousand.

Photo: Mikhail Ognev/

Baltic Mile – 2022

Another water event that will take place on August 6, but already in Kronstadt, is the first festival of speed on open water “Baltic Mile” (6+). The events of this festival will be divided between two venues.

The first – entertaining – will work on Forte Constantine. There, from 10.00 to 22.00, spectators are waiting for the main speed races at the distance “Baltic Mile” (10.00-17.00), as well as wakeboarding competitions (10.00-16.00), freestyle motocross (13.30, 16.15, 18.45), swimming on jokey vehicles (14.15, 15.15 , 17.00), demonstration performances on flyboards (15.45), an exposition of auto and motorcycle equipment, concerts of artists, including Igor Kornelyuk (21.20), and a pyrotechnic water show (21.55). Shuttles from Kronstadt will run to the fort every half an hour from 10.00 to 23.00 from the stop “Kronstadt highway, 38”.

The second stage of the festival Anchor Square in Kronstadt: from there at 14.00 the participants of the bicycle quest “Secrets of Kronstadt” start (they need to arrive at the place by 12.00 and receive tasks). By the way, you can rent a bike for free right on the spot, after registering in the SmartBike app. Registration for the quest on the site.

There, on Anchor Square, there is a zumba master class (15.00), a concert of an ethno-group from Buryatia (16.00) and a bike parade Telnyashka ride (18.00).

The full program of the festival is on his website.

Sailing regattas

On the morning of August 7, even if you got up late, head to the Peter and Paul Fortress. There, in the waters of the Neva, from 10.00 to 14.30 there will be sailing regatta “Petrovskaya water area”. It will be attended by 30 sailing yachts of the Optimist class, which will be managed by young students of yachting schools in St. Petersburg.

And at the end of it at the same place, from 14.30 to 18.00, spectators are waiting for “Tourist regatta”. Only 4 yachts take part in it – high-speed sailing and rowing boats “Captain’s Gichka” 12 meters long, with 10 swing oars and 3 sails. The organizers remind: such boats were widely used until the beginning of the 20th century on warships in the Russian fleets. 40 participants are planned, and they will show the sailing and rowing all-around, the “Man overboard” and “Transfer of cargo to the shore” races.


Parade of riverboats

If the Neva embankment is past your weekend routes, but you will be in the city center, pay attention to the waters of the Fontanka, Kryukov Canal and Moika. There will be held from 12.00 to 14.00 parade of riverboats. The Fontanka and Moika class motor ships decorated with flags will pass through the city center with music, entertaining tourists.

Concert at the Peter and Paul Fortress

A beautiful end to the evening can be concert “Jazz on the water”that is scheduled on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Music will be played from 19.00 to 22.00, Chizhik Jazz Quartet, Andrey Kondakov Quartet and Amy Peters, Easy Winners, Mussorgsky Jazz Orchestra and Anastasia Lyutova will take the stage.

Yacht Show, Hydro Circus and Fireworks

Well, the last events of the Petrovsky Aquatoria festival will be yacht show “Ballet on the Water” and Hydrocircus (6+) — extreme water show in the Neva. The ballet will start at 22.00 – Farr 30 class sailboats will perform dance steps with illuminated sails. And in about half an hour, the best riders of the Russian national team and three-time world champion Suksan Thongtai (Thailand) will arrange a water show on a hydrofly accompanied by a musical set from Radio Record resident DJ Baldos.

After that, the evening will end fireworks to a specially written musical composition performed by the Phonograph Orchestra conducted by People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Zhilin.

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Movement restrictions

The main restrictions will affect those who move on the water, and not on the roads: of course, during the SUP race and the SUP carnival, the water area along the entire route of the event on July 6 from 8 am to 2 pm will be closed to boats and river buses. And on July 7, almost along the same route (but back – not along the Griboyedov Canal, but along the Moika) there will be water cuts due to the parade of river vessels (for those who do not participate in it).

But car enthusiasts will get a little. From 22:00 on August 4 to 08:00 on August 7, traffic will be blocked in both directions along the Moika Embankment in the section from the 2nd Sadovoye Bridge to the 1st Sadovoye Bridge. And all day on August 6, traffic along to No. 7 along the Field of Mars will be blocked.

Admission to the festival events is free.

Photo: Mikhail Ognev/
Photo: Mikhail Ognev/

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