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Carriers and merchants announced yesterday that They will block avenues and highways in the Valley of Mexico to demand a stop to extortion by state police, excessive collection of corralones and acts of corruption of Public Ministries.

The blockades have not taken place completely, in some points the carriers are negotiating with the authorities, while in others protest banners have been placed.

Mexico-Pachuca Highway

The Directorate of the Mass Transportation and Cable Car System of the State of Mexico (SITRAMyTEM) has reported that there is a delay in the service of the Mexibús L4 service, due to the blockade of carriers at the height of the vigilant Municipality of Ecatepec.

Carriers block a lane on the Mexico – Pachuca Highway which has caused chaos and delays

Peripheral East

Pantitlán Avenue and Periférico Calle 7

There is also a blockade of carriers on Avenida Pantitlán and Periferico Calle 7, demanding the solution of corruption problems.

Mexico-Puebla Highway

Until now, this road is free.

Mexican Outdoor Circuit

carriers perform a blocking on Bordo Avenue of Xochiaca and Vicente Villada, at the access to the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense.

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