Carriers do not reach an agreement and announce march to Toluca

Carriers from the east of the State of Mexico announced that, after failing to reach an agreement with state authorities on the acts of extortion of the state police and the excessive charges of the corralones, the next few days they will march to the City of Toluca to demand that Governor Alfredo del Mazo dismiss the Secretary of Mobility, Luis Gilberto Limon Chavez.

Guillermo Calderón, representative of New Generation Metropolitan Transport, reported thatthat no agreement was reached with state authorities since, he assured, the Ministry of Mobility makes excessive charges for tow trucks and corralones legitimate.

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“There were no agreements, the dialogue table was broken, because a government gazette came out where they make legitimate the theft of a thousand pesos for waiting for a crane and a thousand more pesos for flagging that they call, that is, if the Public Ministry takes 10 hours we will have to pay 10 thousand pesos,” he explained.

It should be remembered that this Wednesday morning, at 11:00 a.m., carriers of more than 25 routes in the east of the State of Mexico closed 10 roads that connect to Mexico City, as a protest against the alleged extortions of the police. state, public ministries, as well as the high charges of corrals throughout the Mexican territory.

There, Miguel Angel Salas, leader of Route 31, commented that they decided to protest due to the lack of a solution on the high charges they make to carriers, motorists and merchants in corrals of the State of Mexicoas well as extortion by the state traffic police.

He noted that per unit they charge them between 40 and 50 thousand pesosin addition to the fact that police and public ministries are in collusion, he added.

“We are protesting because the charges for the corralones in the State of Mexico are excessive, we have been fighting for our comrades, but we do not see the authority doing anything”

“They have many clandestine corralones, they are excessive fines of 40 to 50 thousand pesos that they charge to the companions, that is the annoyance of carriers, street vendors, motorists and many people,” he explained.

The closure of roads was recorded at different points of the State of Mexico, as in Chimalhuacán, Los Reyes, La Paz, Chalco, on the Mexico-Puebla highway, on the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense, on the Mexico-Texcocoamong others.

“We are around 25 organizations from Nezahualcóyotl, those who participate, plus those that add up in Ecatepec, Chalco, and in various areas of the State of Mexico. We are talking about approximately 10,000 comrades,” he said.

Derived from these closures hundreds of motorists were strandedin the midst of the protest, which caused road chaos in the areas.

Authorities from the government of the State of Mexico arrived at the place, who set up a dialogue table, however, after two hours no agreement was reached.

“We are going to talk about them between today and tomorrow, but it will be this week or on Monday or Tuesday of next week to go to Toluca. We are going to put on our pints: the Secretary of Mobility is out,” assured Guillermo Calderón.

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Minutes before 2:00 p.m., the carriers removed the blockades at all points. “We cannot hurt the citizen very much, we withdraw and we are going to provide the service,” he concluded.

note published in The Sun of Toluca


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