Charlyn Corral demands her place in the Tri: I exist, no matter how much they want to pretend that I don’t

Nowadays, every time we talk about the Women’s National Teamthe first thing that comes to the surface is the absence of the artillery Charlyn Corral, who despite living one of his best moments in Liga MX, is still not taken into account in the Tricolor. Given this, the Tuzas player was honest with the Diario de los Deportistas and, dominated by nostalgia, she recognized that being out of the calls hurts.

“The truth is, it makes me feel sad because, as you know, recently I went through something very hard with the injury that I lived and I understand, however, a few years ago I was in one of the most important or historical clubs in Europe and I was not summoned either, so one of the things that I have discussed with my family is that sometimes it’s a bit unfair that in my selection process I always have to train last”, he said.

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Charlie exists As much as they want to pretend that they don’t, Charlyn is in the present. One day I will be in the past, but I am still here, that I should not be covered or hidden because when that happens I think I have had to shine more, “he stressed.

Since 2019, Charlyn stopped being called with the Mexican Aztec team after four years ago she had differences with Leonardo Cuéllar, which occurred after raising her voice in favor of women’s soccer, and although the veto remainsthere is no regret.

“Not really, I don’t regret it, because what I’ve experienced in the National Team has been many things, and not all of them have been positive. What I have spoken has been very little, I have not spoken what I lived and I don’t want to play the victim because there have been many players who have experienced worse or better things, and I repeat, I don’t want to play the victim because obviously I have experienced wonderful things. It is clear that we all like to represent our country, however, I have thought and reflected that when you do something from the heart because you think it is right, because you are doing something not for yourself, not for Charlyn, but to improve a situation , to improve a future, there is no regret, So in that aspect I am calm, “he commented.

Although, The Women’s Selection is already in a new process under the command of Mónica Vergara, who assured that the doors are open for all, the attacker still does not have another chance.

“It is true that when Monica arrived she said that, but there it is becoming clear that some things haven’t changed, that is the reality, we are going to speak with the truth. I think because of the situation that happened there is still a cross with me and sometimes I reflect on it and say: ´it could have been different´, but when you act from the heart and are brave, you always bear fruit and I think that has been my career. I will continue working, I have no grudges with anyone And if you want to talk, I’m open. In the end I think I have been very respectful because I could talk about more things, however, I have remained firm, working, but people are seeing things, people are not stupid and hopefully little by little this can be clarified and there is an explanation coherent”, he mentioned in the conversation with THIS.

Similarly, he said he understands the work that has been done in these months ahead of the World Cup, although he does not lose hope of being in Australia-New Zealand 2023.

“Honestly I don’t want them to give me anything. I like to win things, I’m not afraid to compete. I know there are processes, moments, and I understand it perfectly, but it hurts me that in the end no matter what I do, no matter where I am, I’m always the last, and I think that is a lack of respect. Right now I see it far away, but I also know that this football thing is changing, that anything can happen, and all I’m saying is that they don’t find fault because it’s difficult when they only see the bad in you. Nobody is perfect, we are people, but it is that, that not only the bad is seen; also see the good”, pointed out Charlyn Corral.

Charlyn doesn’t feel pressure in Pachuca

Clausura 2022 is one of the most competitive tournaments in terms of the fight for the individual scoring title, where Charlyn Corral is one of the candidates to win it thanks to the goals she has scored in these days, but the forward of the Tuzas is not pressured. “Now, thank God, everything is flowing and obviously I will do everything to win, because I like to win and if I am already there and it has cost me to be fighting, I will do what is in me to achieve it, “he said. “But I also know that this is a team and that it’s important how my teammates help me, and vice versa, so I don’t want to put pressure on myself. Being there for me is already a big thing, I’m not going to throw in the towel, I’m… I think I’m one goal away from Licha, a very good player, but I think there are still possibilities and anything can happen,” she added.

It was the previous tournament that the one from Atlético de Madrid joined the ranks of Pachuca and came from an injury, but now that she is back at a good level, she knows she can give more: “Fortunately things have gone well, but I think I still need a point for what I can give. I feel that I can still give more and I am working to get there, ”she commented with enthusiasm.

Corral has a great career in football, so he knows that beyond goals, he can bring experience. “On the pitch it’s not just goals, cI think I can contribute a lot in different aspects, the goals are obviously the icing on the cake, but I think that now that I have become a more experienced player, more experiences, I realize that everything counts from how you are as a teammate, mentally, how you move on the pitch ; There are many things, and in that aspect I feel that I can contribute, ”she concluded.

Time to erase ghosts

Since the Liga MX Femenil began, Pachuca has given something to talk about after being crowned in the Cup Tournament and reaching the first league final, however, for one reason or another the long-awaited title has been denied, although before the eyes of Charlyn Corral is for “the ghosts of the past, and I have had to perceive that in other teams“, he pointed. “When I arrived I heard: ‘This is what happened, we reached the final, we lost, this, that’… And I think that when you carry things from the past it doesn’t help, because it doesn’t let you see clearly where you’re going,” he added.

However, the artillery trusts in the power of the Hidalgo team. “Pachuca is a great club, it has great players, it works quite well, there is seriousness in the people we see every day and it makes one more committed as a player. Now I feel that it is only a matter of time because we have arrived many new players we have to get to know each other, adapt, personally it was difficult for me to adapt to playing in stadiums because there, in Spain, it was not always stadiums, and I feel that we are in that process of being a little more consolidated, we still have it, but We are already doing better and what I tell them with whom I speak is that we have to change that mentality. The past is the past; those of us who are here are here and we have to try to change that, make history, ”he said in an interview with ESTO.

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“We have everything to make history, so hopefully we will achieve it, because there are good players, discipline, perseverance. It’s just a matter of believing it a little more”, assured Charlyn Corral, who hopes to have a call up to the national team soon.

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