China questioned the need for US membership in the UN Security Council Russian news EN

People’s Daily: US behavior is incompatible with UN Security Council membership

US intelligence operations maintain a state of confrontation between Russia and Ukraine and cast doubt on the need for US membership in UN Security Council. About it says in an article for the Chinese newspaper People’s Daily.

“Obviously, in this conflict, the United States is responsible for creating chaos, Washington’s actions are the reason for the continuation of the war, the parties to the conflict suffer serious losses,” the newspaper notes. According to the author of the material, such behavior of the United States is incompatible with their status as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. It is also noted that Washington’s actions do not correspond to the “epoch-making trends of peace and development.”

The author pointed out that the United States, which constantly claims to protect the world, by its actions only intensifies and prolongs the conflict. The publication also writes that for Washington, Ukraine’s membership in NATO will be beneficial, as it will weaken the military power of Russia.

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