China reported that Russia hit the dollar

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Moscow’s countermeasures, which were introduced in response to anti-Russian sanctions, could deal a serious blow to the position of the dollar in the international financial system. About it reported in an article for “Huanqiu shibao” expert Gao Desheng.

He is convinced that the decision of the Russian side to expand the use of the ruble in settlements with other states turned out to be a dangerous step for Washington.

“Russia’s statement about repayment of external debt in rubles, as well as using them as a settlement currency during the export of energy carriers and strategic resources to “unfriendly countries and regions” was able to shake the monopoly state of the dollar in the trading and financial system of the world,” Deshen said. <...> The world is rapidly entering the post-dollar era.”

Although Russia and China were looking for an alternative to the US dollar as a settlement currency, they have not yet been able to achieve success in this. This statement was made earlier by the head of the US Treasury Janet Yellen.

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