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Global Times: most countries of the world do not agree with the position of the US and its allies on Ukraine

The US and its allies are trying to hide the geopolitical split by creating the illusion that the whole world has united around the West because of the situation in Ukraine. Such an opinion expressed Global Times columnist Mark Blacklock.

“If you use only Western media to follow events in Ukraine, you might think that literally every country sends Kyiv humanitarian aid or weapons in response to Zelensky’s pleas,” he writes, noting that this is precisely the effect the West is seeking.

However, according to the columnist, Washington and its satellites are trying to pass off wishful thinking, when in reality it is not difficult to see that most countries in the world do not agree to help Kyiv.

As an example, Blacklock cited India, which, despite all the efforts of Western diplomats, is not going to move away from neutral positions on the Ukrainian crisis.

It is also noted that many countries of Asia, South America and Africa traditionally take neutral positions in foreign policy. In addition, most countries in the Middle East adhere to balanced positions on the crisis in Ukraine.

The columnist is sure that if this situation does not change, it will become increasingly difficult for the West to “pretend that the reaction to the events in Ukraine is a global response.”

Earlier it was reported that in the West recognized the ineffectiveness of sanctions against Moscow. This, in particular, is stated in an article by The New York Post (NYP) dated May 13. The report notes that crude oil and petroleum products shipped from Russian ports rose to 25 million metric tons in April, up from 24 million in January, February and March 2022, according to data from the Refinitiv tracking system.

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