City needs BRT lines – mayor of Almaty

ALMATY. KAZINFORM – Mayor of Almaty Yerbolat Dosayev said that work is underway on the optimization of dedicated lines for buses and their schematics, Kazinform correspondent reports.

A resident of Almaty complained to the akim about the BRT line. According to him, due to bus lines with ground pedestrian crossings, traffic jams have increased, and the level of gas pollution has increased.

“Regarding issues on dedicated lines for buses and their schematics that exist today. We are currently working on revision and optimization in order to bring them back to normal. In fact, there are such leased lines in all metropolitan areas of the world, but they just have to work efficiently. We are probably facing the same problems that we did ourselves, together with you… The city needs BRTs, but the question is in what form and how they should be built. These are the right questions. In general, we have a plan for the development of the city’s transport infrastructure, where all our mistakes of the early period or plans for the future will be approved,” Dosaev said.

The head of the urban mobility department, Gani Murzakhanov, added that about 120,000 passengers are transported by BRT buses daily, and 2,000 buses pass through the line.

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