Companies in Russia began to save on employees


Since February, many Russian small and medium-sized businesses have switched to saving mode and have begun to reduce staff. This was reported on Thursday, August 4, in the press service of the financial service.

During the period that coincided with the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, 26% of medium-sized companies reduced employee bonuses. Another 24% of companies fired part of the staff, and 19% outsourced some types of work, reports “”.

In addition, in 48% of the surveyed companies, the cash turnover fell by 10-20%, in 9% – more than 2 times. According to the head of financial services development Boris Vasiliev, external circumstances led to the transformation of Russian small business.

Businesses continue to cut costs to save money. Some of them believe that for this it is necessary to fire employees (13%), another part of the companies is going to abandon the office (11%). Almost a third of respondents have plans to optimize business processes by the end of 2022.

At the same time, 32% of small businesses are not going to save. The companies used loans and government support measures to develop their business.

It was previously known that Small business access to concessional lending will be expanded. In early June, it was about the allocation of 9 billion rubles to support these programs.

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