Cuban volleyball player answered the Russian coach for the “monkey” – Sport – News of St. Petersburg

Volleyball player of the Yekaterinburg club “Uralochka” Ailama Montalvo spoke about the words of the coach of the Kaliningrad “Locomotive” Andrey Voronkov, who called her “monkey”. She wrote about this on her social networks on May 14.

“I carefully watched the video, where you can clearly hear the words spoken by the head coach of Lokomotiv about me. I can say that I personally have no problems with this. Even with those who showed disrespect. I like my skin color, I’m proud of it and I’m not ashamed of who I am. I do not divide people by skin color, nationality or anything else – I look at what they do and what is in their heart. The words he said don’t hurt me at all. It is not enough for a person who cannot control his insatiable ego to simply achieve a result – he must offend someone. It shows a lack of professional ethics,” wrote Montalvo.

The incident occurred during the finals of the women’s championship of Russia. Andrey Voronkov compared Ailama Montalvo with a primate during the break. “Uralochka” demanded an apology. The coach himself has not yet commented on his words.

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