Debanhi Escobar’s father gives the authorities an ultimatum to define the investigation

Monterey. -Mario Escobar, father of Debanhi, gave the Attorney General of Nuevo León a period of 15 days to give results on the investigation and arrest those responsible for the death of his daughter.

The father insisted that, so far, the state authorities have not given a response so far.

“I decided the 15 days, I am going to take action, if there are no results, where I am going to analyze them to find the truth, because they have not given us results,” he warned.

Mario Escobar met with the deputy state prosecutor Luis Enrique Orozco, but reiterates that so far there is no line of investigation and those responsible have not been found.

Two weeks have passed since the result of the third study carried out on the remains of the 18-year-old girl, whose body was exhumed for a third autopsy, was revealed.

The result of that autopsy carried out by federal experts indicated that the young woman died of suffocation and that there were no traces of rape, which is why it is now being investigated as a femicide.

Escobar accused that the cause of his daughter’s death had not been changed in the death certificate, and that it was another of the issues addressed at the meeting, at the Women’s Justice Center.

The change would be made by the Civil Registry and the matter could be defined on Friday.

For his part, Vice Prosecutor Orozco said that several lines of investigation are being followed and that progress has been made to Debanhi’s father, however, he clarified that they are still waiting for other results of international studies that are pending.

He declined to elaborate on the matter so as not to hinder the investigations.

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