Dermatocosmetologist believes that face fitness only worsens the appearance

Woman doing face exercises

Face fitness stretches the muscles of the face and worsens its appearance, says dermatocosmetologist and international trainer Marina Lekomtseva. In her opinion, for rejuvenation, facial muscles should be relaxed, not strained. Therefore, she believes that microcurrents are good, but myostimulation and face fitness are not very good.

In his Telegram-channel on August 3, the doctor reported that the muscles of the face are not pumped with the help of exercises in the same way as other muscles of the body. This is due to the fact that ordinary muscles have two attachment points – one bone and another, and when loaded, the muscle really grows and comes into tone, Lekomtseva noted. The facial muscles also have two attachment points, one of them is the bones of the skull, and the other is the skin. The more the skin is “pulled”, the worse it is, the doctor said. Therefore, all facial rejuvenation techniques, including massage, are aimed only at relaxing muscles.

According to her, from face fitness you can take exercises aimed at posture, improving lymphatic drainage and relaxation. Doctors do not ban face fitness, because “fortunately, people who do face fitness and the like do it so irregularly and haphazardly that they simply do not have time to harm themselves,” Lekomtseva noted.

Earlier, “Profile” wrote that in order to preserve youthfulness of the face and radiance of the skin you need to follow simple rulessuch as using sunscreen and eating more healthy fats. Doctors give some advice so that the skin does not age as long as possible.

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