Dialogue between authorities and tourism business: the Forum of Russian Regions opened in Moscow

The formation of a tourist identity is one of the central factors for the successful development of tourism in the regions. Turning the distinctive features of the territory into its advantage, emphasizing the uniqueness of folk crafts and crafts, national traditions and historical monuments are the main factors in the strategic development of tourism in our country. Industry experts will talk about how to manage them correctly at the Forum of Russian Regions.

Under the motivating slogan “New Challenges – New Opportunities” and with the main goal of implementing the tasks of the national project “Tourism and Hospitality”, the II Forum of Russian Regions opened on the sidelines of the 25th international exhibition of the hospitality industry “PIR Expo”. The business program of the event is built around the dialogue between the authorities and the tourism business. The range of key issues covers the areas of development of infrastructure projects in the industry and opportunities for investors.

The Russian Geographical Society this year is the official partner of the forum and takes part in key sessions of the program. The main topics covered by industry experts are the formation of a regional brand and territory marketing, ESG business transformation, and the regulatory framework for investment in the tourism industry. The forum was opened by a panel session, where the project “Traveling with the Russian Geographical Society” was presented, a unique collection of routes which contributes to the development of regional identity. The emphasis of the project’s tours is on exclusive author’s products that combine cultural, educational, educational, and active adventure features of the territories on which they are built. The voluntary certification system underlying the routes of “Travel with the Russian Geographical Society” emphasizes the original identity of the regions of Russia.

On the final day of the forum, a joint open meeting of the working groups on territory marketing will take place. Meetup “Marketing in spite of the season: how to use the infrastructure of seasonal sports and activities all year round” will be opened by Natalia Belyakova, head of the group for marketing of territories of the EU Committee for Tourism of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, director of the department of expeditionary activities and tourism development of the Russian Geographical Society. Experts will try to look at the special infrastructure from a new angle and adapt it for year-round operation of facilities.

A separate block will consider the prospects for creating tourism infrastructure in specially protected natural areas. How to keep the economic balance without disturbing the ecological balance? How to attract investments to the regions and what are the most successful practices for introducing tourism enterprises? These and many other questions will be answered by invited speakers — leading industry experts.

The Investor Academy, a series of practical sessions and panel discussions in various areas of the industry, will help you gain useful skills and make contacts. What financing instruments and state support mechanisms exist, how to attract a private investor to your project and where to look for additional income for the project. The catharsis of the tourism economy will be affected by the session “Business of the Future”.

The II Forum of Russian Regions “Tourist Infrastructure Development” takes place from 17 to 20 October in Moscow, at the exhibition center “Crocus Expo”, as part of the 25th international exhibition of the hospitality industry “PIR Expo”. Become a member of the business program:

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