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Diana Bracho came as godmother of the premiere of The humansa play directed by Diego del Río, presented at the Shakespeare Forum. Upon her arrival, the actress celebrated the return of her face-to-face activities in the theater.

“It is very important to support the theater, which is reviving with great force and pride, passion and talent. It is fantastic to see that the industry is already being revived,” she commented.

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The staging is an original text of Stephen Karamwith the translation Y adaptation by Paula Zelaya Cervantes. It stars Concepción Márquez, José del Río, Pilar Flores del Valle, Luz Aldán, Paulette Hernández and Nacho Tahhan.

Follow the events that unfold during the Christmas dinner of a chaotic family from Irapuato, who as the night progresses explore their fears and confront different points of view between generations.

At the end of the function, on the verge of tears Diana Bracho applauded the cast and creative team. “It is a very good and deep work, with a total set of emotions, which takes us from laughter to tears. It is a bestial and loving approach to the human being”.

He will participate in the tribute to Silvia Pinal

Taking advantage of her meeting with the media, Diana announced that she will have a special appearance at the tribute to Silvia Pinalthat his family is preparing him in the Palace of Fine Arts.

“Diego del Río, who also directs this construction siteit is stage manager, and invited me to be the presenter. I feel honored and happy, I adore Silvia because I have done things with them, always very pretty and with love”.

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The actress He celebrated that this tribute is made in life, because he considers that it is the best way to recognize his career. “In the work I did with her, Love, pain and what he was wearingIt was really impressive. She danced a mambo that the others seemed crippled actresses, left us with our mouths open and the public applauding him. That is the image I have of her,” he shared.

“She is a talented, beautiful woman with a very special personality, nobody looks like her, she has been the creator of theater, TVY cinema. She is a woman who deserves this great tribute, ”she concluded.

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