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For 20 years, a Petersburger could not get into her apartment, but she had to pay a communal apartment for the migrants who lived in her square meters. The Constitutional Court must sort out the injustice of the law, which allowed money to be debited from it.

Natalya Sivokonina is disabled, her stepfather takes care of her affairs. The woman owns a share in an apartment on Kupchinskaya Street, in which she has not been since childhood. Her father, her stepfather told Fontanka, changed the locks in the 2000s, after some time he settled in the rooms of migrants. The court order demanding that Natalya’s father let her into the apartment is dated 2004, but was not executed in fact.

Two years ago, the management company filed a lawsuit against Natalya – as the owner of the apartment, she had a debt of 43 thousand rubles for utility bills. The law was on the side of the plaintiff. Now Natalia’s relatives and lawyers are asking the Constitutional Court to read the codes and federal rules for the provision of public services. The complaint was registered in court.

Natalya’s stepfather told Fontanka that it was possible to free the living space from migrants only with the help of a large number of complaints and requests, in the end, a State Duma deputy helped. But even now a woman cannot live in an apartment – her father sold his share to an outsider who rents a room.

“The unfairness of this whole situation lies in the fact that the applicant cannot use her apartment – and not only because of the other owner, but also because of the inaction of the state. The court decision on access to the apartment has not been executed, although almost 20 years have passed, and now the applicant is forced to pay a communal apartment for the people who live there against her will,” added Alexander Kalva, a lawyer and the author of the complaint to the Constitutional Court.

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