Doctor Goryainova listed the most toxic products for the thyroid gland


“There is a lot of controversy around this bean,” the doctor admits. — Soy has become fashionable due to the fact that manufacturers replaced many meat products for her, convincing the consumer that the bean is healthier than meat. But now there is evidence from studies stating that soy affects the ability of the thyroid gland to absorb iodine. This leads to diseases of the organ (hypothyroidism), especially if iodine deficiency is already present.

soy also able to mimic the presence of estrogen in the bodywhich leads to an increase in body weight, the appearance of an effeminate figure, decreased sexual function in mensays the doctor.


– Added sugar is enemy #1. Most people consume a catastrophic amount of sugar, but it not only negatively affects the thyroid gland, but also causes autoimmune diseaseincluding autoimmune thyroiditis (destruction of the thyroid gland), says Svetlana Goryainova.

Large amount of sugar leads to thyroid insufficiencyslowing down metabolism, a sharp increase in weight.

– If the function of the thyroid gland is already reduced, then even a small amount of sugar will cause additional metabolic disruptionsthe doctor warns.

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