Doctor Novikova explained who should refrain from traveling to the country

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Some categories of citizens should be more attentive to their health and carefully plan even short trips. This also applies to trips to summer cottages, Leyla Novikova, a therapist, said.

Expert clarified in an interview with Prime agencythat such categories include persons with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system. These patients, as a rule, have a certain set of drugs that must be taken on an ongoing basis.

It is also not recommended to go to the country for people whose chronic diseases are in the acute stage, which may require closer attention from the doctor, additional examination and correction of drug therapy.

Before traveling to the country, where it may be difficult to obtain medical care, you should consult with your doctor, stressed Novikova. During such a consultation, you need to make sure that the existing chronic diseases are in remission and do not require additional measures. If there is a need for an additional examination, be sure to conduct it.

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