Dodon predicted the collapse of the European Union: Moldova: Former USSR:

Ex-president of Moldova Dodon said that the republic is unlikely to become a member of the European Union

Former President of Moldova Igor Dodon stated that Moldova is unlikely to become a member European Union (EU), and also predicted the collapse of the union in 5-10 years. He is quoted TASS.

“I think that the authorities are already preparing speeches about the historic day. But we already heard this in 2014, when Moldova signed an association agreement with the EU, and it all ended in nothing. I don’t think that Moldova will become a member of the EU in the coming years,” Dodon said.

The former president also noted that the European Union could cease to exist in 5-10 years. “We see what is happening in the community: today the government in Bulgaria fell, this is waiting for other EU countries. While such powerful countries as the UK are leaving the community, Moldova, with its problems and the unresolved Transnistrian conflict, is in a hurry to join the EU,” he said.

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