DPR zeroed debts of citizens to Ukrainian banks

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The State Defense Committee of the Donetsk People’s Republic issued a decree on the transfer of property of Ukrainian banks in the liberated territories of the DPR to state ownership. The document was signed on Saturday, May 14.

According to the ruling, published on the official website Head of the DPR and Chairman of the State Committee Denis Pushilin, the right of ownership of Ukrainian banks to property located in the liberated territories of the Donetsk People’s Republic is terminated with the subsequent emergence of the right of ownership of the Donetsk People’s Republic to the said property.

Property, movable and immovable, which was the property of Ukrainian banks as of February 19, 2022, passes into the ownership of the DPR. This also applies to property for which, after that day, the ownership has been transferred to third parties or title documents have been lost.

The right of Ukrainian banks to claim citizens of the DPR is terminated. This also applies to restrictions on the rights of DPR citizens to property arising from obligations to Ukrainian banks.

The document comes into force from the date of signing.

In Ukraine, in April, a law was adopted on the nationalization of the property of Russians who support the operation to demilitarize Ukraine. NSDC is empowered nationalize the property of those who support the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine regardless of citizenship.

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