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dr simi He is one of the most beloved characters by Mexicans and the image of the chain Similar pharmacies and that now your face will be able to look more spectacular when cover an entire colony.

In social networks, the images of a closedlocated in Ecatepecwhere the house roofs have been painted for form the face of the charismatic figurewhich has surprised more than one since many want to visit the area to photograph the place.

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This curious tribute is part of an entire initiative carried out by the Dr. Simi Foundation and has been named simi colony.

What should you know about the hill with the face of Simi?

It was in tiktok where they first appeared images of a hill in Mexico which is surrounded by a large number of houses, but in the center of it stands out that the painting on the ceiling of the houses is the face of Dr. Simi.

Dr. Simi is the image of the Farmacias Similares chain, a charismatic doctor who stands out for his big smile and his white mustachethings that can also be done in this kind of murals.

The site’s photos and videos quickly went viral, allowing users who live in the vicinity of the area to explain where it is located. The hill is located in Tulpetlaclocality of the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos in the State of Mexico.

According to users, the communities in this area are often forgotten by the various governments when not having even basic services like water or light. For this reason, they were somewhat happy that this type of project can give them relevance and greater attention. In addition, the jokes did not stop for saying that you live in a house painted with the face of Dr. Simi.

“To get to my house you go up through the chin, once you reach the nostril, you go up through the mustache, turn left and go up until you reach the eye, there is no loss,” user Bruno Vega commented jokingly.

“I love you people who painted their houses to form the face of the Simi,” wrote the user Mariana. While the user Lilith indicated: “Dr. Simi doing what his governor and his municipal president will never do.”

The Colonia Simi project

After it went viral, the Dr. Simi Foundation remembered how this project started and was generated. It was at the beginning of this year when the foundation, together with the initiative of Similar Pharmacies, IfMyPlanet formed the project Simi Colony.

With location in the community of Lomas de San Carlos Cantera in Ecatepec It was one of the areas that was benefited from the projects of the foundation where periodically the delivery of groceries and free medical services for the support of the eight thousand 600 people that live there.

Wanting to be part of the project, the first step was to begin painting by the end of April, many of the houses had to be caulked first as they had never been painted.

Total 405 homes are part of the initiative shape the face of Dr. Simi with layers of chemical-free paint.

Being a socio-environmental project, it also involves the creation of other spaces such as a recreational center and a waterhole to facilitate access to material resources for more than 39 thousand people. Previously, the people of the community indicated that they had to buy pipes since they rarely received water.

“Imagine arriving in Ecatepec and being greeted by the face of Dr. Simi! It will soon become a reality with the Colonia Simi project,” wrote the foundation’s page on its social networks. “(This) goes beyond just painting houses, but brigades have also been carried out with medical consultations and pantries, an orchard was created, the Community Center is being remodeled.”

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If you want to visit the hill with the mural of Dr. Simi since Puebla are little more than two hours to reach the community of Lomas de San Carlos in Ecatepec, Mexico state. Already in the area is about the Mexico-Pachuca Highway where you will have a better view of this now famous hill.

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