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In order to support the population in the current economic situation, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the validity of driving licenses expiring in 2022 until 2025 by Resolution No. 626. However, the Russian Bar Association Maria Spiridonova recommended that motorists do not postpone the replacement of rights until the end of this period.

As the lawyer pointed out, in 2025, not only holders of “extended” certificates will come to replace their rights in the traffic police, but also those who initially had rights until 2025. Accordingly, the queues at the department will increase significantly, reports “Prime” on Thursday, the fourth of July.

Therefore, as Maria Spiridonova explained, those who do not want to lose time in line are recommended to replace their rights before they expire.

“The extended document and the new document have equal legal force. However, when replacing a driver’s license, their validity will be common – 10 years without renewals,” the lawyer concluded.

Besides, in The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is also preparing amendments to the legislationwhich will tighten the requirements for obtaining a driver’s license of certain categories.

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