Ebrard: Kushner’s statements about Mexico are to win votes, he says – El Sol de México

The chancellor, Marcelo Ebrardconsidered that the assertions of Jared Kushnerson-in-law and adviser to the former US president, donald trumpabout that “they doubled Mexico in the subject migratory”, they answer that “they are campaigning”.

“Look, they are campaigning, yes? They are documents made to win votes“said the head of the mexican diplomacyin an interview during the presentation of the book The Table of Elements.

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Ebrard added that he did not give in to USA well what Trump wanted was for Mexico to become a safe third country and welcome the migrants who wanted to enter US territory.

“I would only say, briefly, the following: what the government of Trump was that Mexico accept the safe third country, that’s what he wanted; it is only enough to review what the debate was at that time, and Mexico told them no”, stressed the foreign minister.

In his memoir titled Breaking the History, kushner wrote that the threat of Trump to impose tariffs and cancel the Treaty of Free trade made Mexico agree to contain the migratory flow by deploying 25,000 military.

“Mexico never agreed to be a safe third country, being a safe third country is a treaty. We reached a consensus in the Senate of the Republic with all the parties, I was there, and we told them: we are not going to admit that”, added Ebrard Casaubon.

“But yes they militarized the border, right?” he was insisted. “But that’s not what you mean. What they wanted was the safe third country,” reaffirmed the chancellor.

In his book, the son-in-law of former Republican president also ensures that in 2018, the White House proposed a pact to the government of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to help you with your political priorities if Mexico focused on reducing migratory flows to the United States.

As he assures, he himself together with the ex-secretary of Condition, Mike Pompeothey offered said pact to the chancellor Ebrardduring a private dinner at Washington.

“‘Our relationship is going to be very simple… Pay attention to this data. If it goes up, we’re going to have problems. If it goes down, you’ll have an amazing partner here that will help you with whatever priority you have,'” Pompeo told Ebrard at dinner by appointment kushner.

According to the book, Lopez Obrador agreed to the pact after kushner warned him at a dinner on March 19, 2019, that Trump could retaliate.

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