Eco-volunteer school completed in Sailyugemsky National Park

Eco-volunteer school “Reserved Altai” has completed its work in Sailyugemsky National Park. From June 11 to June 19, young people from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Oryol, Irkutsk, Samara and Ryazan regions, Krasnodar and Perm regions, the Republics of Mari El and Tatarstan got acquainted with the geographical features of the unique natural area and helped in its improvement. Now they have returned to their hometowns, where their main mission will be to conduct educational events. The project participants will tell others about the opportunities for volunteering in Russian reserves, about their own contribution to the development of protected areas, about the need to change the world around them for the better.

Eco-volunteer school “Zapovedny Altai” is held under the auspices of the Russian Geographical Society and with grant support from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). Four stages cover four specially protected natural areas: Sailyugemsky National Park (June), Altai State Natural Biosphere Reserve (June-July), Ukok Quiet Zone Natural Park (July), Katunsky State Natural Biosphere Reserve (August). The organizer of the eco-school is the Youth Club on the basis of the Altai Republican Branch of the Russian Geographical Society together with the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society in the Arkhangelsk Region.

In Sailyugemsky National Park, a rich program of acquaintance with the main sights of the region, with the history, culture and traditions of the peoples inhabiting the Altai Republic, with the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society and its projects was prepared for the project participants. Volunteers took part in the improvement of the specially protected natural area and the visitor center of the national park.

I was very glad to take part in the eco-volunteer school of the Russian Geographical Society in the Sailyugemsky National Park! Always dreamed of visiting Altai, and now the dream has come true! We all enjoyed the nature of this unique land and at the same time did a very good and good deed: we helped the national park in arranging its infrastructure. We, the participants who came from all over our vast country, having gathered here, became a family, and each of us contributed to the preservation of protected areas and the promotion of eco-volunteering. I am very grateful to all the staff of the national park for their hospitality, it was very interesting to listen to their interesting stories, to find out how they live and protect nature. I hope someday we will meet again in this wonderful land!“- Evgeny Asanov, St. Petersburg.

More information about the work of the eco-volunteer school in the Sailyugemsky National Park can be found at site Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society.

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