Economist spoke about US attempts to turn Russia into an EU energy colony Russian news EN

Economist Suzdaltsev said that the US wants to turn Russia into an EU energy colony

Political scientist and economist Andrey Suzdaltsev in an interview with toldthat the United States is currently trying to make the Russian military special operation in Ukraine fail. Thus, in his opinion, Russia will become a gas and oil colony European Union (EU).

“Oil embargo oni (USA – approx. “”) want to enter for nine months. They expect that during this time Russia will be thrown back into the northeastern part of Eurasia and become an energy colony of the European Union,” he said.

The expert also noted that the West is counting on the defeat of Russia by the fall, after which it will be easy to dictate its terms.

Former Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev declaredthat the sane part of the German establishment understands that attempts to break and isolate Russia are pointless. He stressed that the statements of German politicians in favor of an early embargo on oil, gas, coal from the Russian Federation are made “rather for domestic political reasons or to please the Anglo-Saxon mainstream.”

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